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Live authentically.

Create boldly.

Align your mind,

body and soul.



“You just have to determine

to settle for nothing less than being

fully alive,

to show up,

be who you are,

and share your gifts.”

– Gabrielle Roth

Right now, in this very moment, in the body you inhabit, in the place you live, with the money you have (or don't have), with the experiences you have lived, with the dreams you wish to live...

an adventure is calling.

The adventure is calling you now. Not later when you lose the pounds or build the muscles. Not later when you have more money or live somewhere else. Not later when someone somehow finally gives you permission.

Right now.

Be fully expressed.

Be unapologetically you.

Embrace the adventure that is waiting.

It's here - now.

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

- Mary Oliver

Play with me

Experience more freedom and expansion in your mind, body, and heart, so you can joyfully live your adventure. I hold a powerful space, with compassion and non-judgment, for you to own your truth, discover your passions, and create your uniquely dynamic path.


Are you ready to transform fear into freedom, indecision into clarity, stuckness into momentum, (to just name a few) so you can live authentically, create boldly, and step into your greatness more each day? You deserve it!

And, hey, this doesn't have to be "work". I like to infuse a lot of joy in the process, because I love to play in the possibilities.

  •  One-on-One Coaching for a Dynamic Life! 

It takes courage to ask yourself what you really desire and align your life with your most authentic expression. You don't have to do it alone!

  •  Convenient Voxer Coaching Option for the Traveling Soul, Busy Parent, or Anyone 

Imagine having access to your Coach everyday Mon-Fri. Imagine not having to block out a whole hour each week, but instead connect in shorter interactions more consistently, totally at your convenience, helping you to stay consistent and on track with your goals. That's what we'll do!

  •  Groups & Events 

 Coming Soon


About Me

Hi there! I'm Jennilee (She/Her)

And I know what it's like to have a pervasive feeling of not being good enough and how it negatively impacts all areas of life. Not feeling confident, not taking opportunities to grow and expand professionally and otherwise, and ultimately not really living.

What I discovered is that it all starts on the inside. My inner world truly does create my outer world. And in your heart lies the wisdom to unlock your freedom, confidence, creativity, inspiration, and the joy of living the life you were meant to live.

It excites me to no end to support others on your journey, to help you move from stuckness to soaring, from pain to possibilities... if you're ready to experience something new, let's chat!



Seattle, WA 98056


Tel: 425.835.2508

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