About Me

I too am a dynamic soul


I have experienced many shifts and changes over the years. It often feels like I can't help but change, even if I wanted to!

But, I've discovered this is a superpower. And once harnessed, can propel you into greater and more interesting experiences than you have yet to imagine.

My story began in a religious context. My mom was a pastor and I spent many years going to church. I eventually pursued my Bachelors and Masters in theological studies, believing I was going to follow in similar steps.

But, the Universe and my Soul had different plans. (My Saturn return was one hell of a ride!)

During my studies, I had many realizations that deconstructed my then beliefs and eventually brought down the whole structure. It was a breaking free experience, but it felt like I was dying at the time (or maybe god was dying... either way, I definitely had to grieve when everything came crashing down.)

For someone who was often experienced fear and anxiety, I look back now and see just how strong I actually was. As everything changed and religion no longer aligned with me, and despite all of my formal education preparing me for a career in ministry, I walked away.

"Now what do I do!?"

I had one year left in seminary and zero interest in reading any more books about god, the church, or theology.

But, I had come this far and felt that finishing the degree was the smart thing to do, so I stuck with it.

Even though, I was done with that particular study (at least in my heart), I knew I still wanted to help people in some way and came across the field of coaching. I learned that coaching isn't really "helping", because that presumes someone is in a disempowered state. Instead, as a coach, I always come from a place of recognizing your wholeness, your power, your wisdom and reflecting that back to you.

Certified Master Coach

I completed my coach training through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), one of the top international coach training programs. And was captivated by this modality and its focus on possibilities and growth.

Since then, I have studied energy healing and am a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner, as well as, studied hypnotherapy through the Wellness Institute.

I am also an avid student of consciousness and will often spend far too much time researching this subject.

On a personal level

Letting go of the outside structure that previously dictated and guided my life meant I had freedom to explore and discover what was actually true for me.


This all has lead to liberating myself from traditional constructs of gender, sexuality, relationships, and even business and allowing myself to daily embrace who I am now.


I celebrate myself as an ever-evolving person, a dynamic entrepreneur, an often wildly woo-woo wanderer, a practical artist, a free flowing dancer, a Bi/Pan, solo poly person, and so much more (some of which I have yet to discover, no doubt).

I have also experienced the power of facing my fears, which has involved (and of course still does) healing inner wounds/traumas and my nervous system. I'm not 100% brave all the time. But, I have developed more capacity to be resilient. I keep "showing up and staying in the room". and I don't regret it. My confidence is lightyears ahead of where it used to be and it makes a huge difference in how I show up and what I can then make possible in my experience.

What I always come back to is the power of remaining open, the courage and integrity of staying true to myself, and the beauty of simply being.

I wish you the same on your own adventurous journey.

Much Love ❤

- Jennilee


Seattle, WA 98056


Tel: 425.835.2508


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