The Dynamic Way

 Live Authentically 

“Authenticity is not something we have or don’t have.

It’s a practice — a conscious choice of how we want to live.

Authenticity is actually a collection of choices,

choices that we make every day.

It’s the choice to show up and be real.

The choice to be honest.

The choice to let our true selves be seen.”

~Brené Brown

I like to visualize authenticity as a tree. The root of authenticity is self knowledge, knowing what is true for you. And the awareness that what was true for you last year, or even yesterday, maybe isn't true for you today. This then also requires presence, a deep holding of space for yourself to continually be revealed, ever evolving, each new season, each new day, each new moment - each now moment.

From the roots we move up into the trunk of authenticity, that core holding authenticity in place is courage and vulnerability. It can certainly take courage to be vulnerable. Authenticity calls us to not only reveal our truth to ourselves but also to express that in the world. In big and small ways we honor ourselves by living authentically.

You allow the expansion of yourself out into the branches and leaves of authenticity. You create and build and be. You honestly show up, as Brene' said, in "choices that [you] make everyday." The practice of authenticity is the key, and hey, you can't get it wrong! It's a practice, something you come back to every day and develop over time.

What does authenticity look like for you right now?

 Create Boldly 

This is where the fun begins!​ You get to break out of the box of, "what's the right way to do this?" and "what would others think?" Here is where you get to uncover your unique voice and contribution. You get to play with the possibilities and stretch yourself. You get to invent, experiment, and grow.

If you watch children play, they are constantly creating boldly. The world is whatever they imagine. They try something out and if it doesn't work, they figure out what does. Nothing stops them, because they're in the moment and not attached to creating something a certain way. Their enthusiasm draws others in. Suddenly, there is a group participating in the imagined world, adding to that world, making it bigger and brighter and more alive.

That power lies within you.

What are you wanting to boldly create in the world?

 Align Your Mind, Body, and Soul 

You bring all of this together under your big why and guiding purpose. Aligning your mind, body, and soul allows you to stay connected to what truly matters to you, your inner wisdom, and your greatest expression. First and foremost, your purpose is simply to be. Sweet, you're already being it! And whatever then arises is the ever growing expansion and expression of who you be.

Sometimes we get too much in our head, our strategy, the "how" of what we're trying to do or be. We lose our connection to the possibilities. Or we spiritualize or theorize everything to the point where we don't actualize anything. Nothing is grounded in the 3D world. Or we get so set on achieving our purpose that we forget to play and our body is neglected and our work is unsustainable.

But, when everything is aligned, your mind, body, heart, and soul - look out! You have access to all possibilities. You honor and respect your body, while receiving its deep wisdom. You tap into your intuition. You stay present to the moment, flexible and resilient. You relax realizing that nothing has to be done and everything is being done. You live authentically. You create boldly. And you be purposefully.

What is your big WHY?


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